6 Simple Lawn Care Tips To Eliminate Weeds This Spring

To put it gently, the land in South Carolina can be fickle. Everyone’s landscape is slightly different, but if you follow these instructions in order your yard stands a much better chance of lasting through the heat and humidity of summer. Here are 6 simple lawn care tips to eliminate weeds this spring:

1.) In early to mid-March, begin applying pre-emergent weed control to rid the soil of unwanted newly germinated seeds. The date is key so keep an eye on the weather for your best opportunity.

2.) Remove leaves, debris, and thatch (a layer of dead grass) from your lawn. This will allow sun, water, oxygen and other essential nutrients to reach soil, giving it everything needed to flourish.

3.) Fertilizing to supply nutrients OR soil testing is recommended to determine what nutrients are needed to enable your lawn to grow lush and bright. Once soil samples are received, appropriate nutrients may be applied. Ask your lawn care professional about which nutrients should be used.

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