The Barbecue Bus: Documenting South Carolina's BBQ culture

Image by The Barbecue Bus

One man completing a dissertation, Rien Fertel, and a former news photographer, Denny Culbert, have teamed up with the Southern Foodways Alliance are journeying through South Carolina to capture the story of the Palmetto State's BBQ culture.

It's The Barbecue Bus.

They departed from Mississippi on June 11 and have just rounded out a week of adventures in Charleston, and have headed up to Hemingway for some time at the legendary Scott's BBQ.

Most interestingly the pair is snapping photos and audio clips (1 to 2 minutes) as they meet interesting BBQ folk — you can get both on their homepage or get the map mashup of the audio clips at Broadcastr. Listen to one clip below — with Brunson from Sweatman's BBQ in Holly Hill.

Follow them on Twitter @TheBarbecueBus for all their micro updates and stops.