Spoleto's 'Flora' impresses, gets some love in The New York Times

Image by William Struhs/Spoleto Festival USA

I had meant to plug this yesterday but just never got to it, but if you're a fan of Spoleto you'll love to know that one of its flagship performances, Flora, got some love from The New York TImes.

The play is about "A wronged heiress, a faithful lover, a resourceful maid and, of course, an avaricious uncle play out their roles in the first opera ever performed in the American colonies."

It was popular during the 18th century as one of the first ballad operas with lyrics written to the accompaniment of popular tunes of the time. Flora was the first show at Charleston's Dock Street Theatre, now 274 years later, Flora returns to the Dock Street as the theatre reopens.

But enough babbling, here's a link to the Times' piece.

The play has performances through June 12.

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