Mac and Murphy: A business that looks even better on paper

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Neighbors Liz Macpherson and Ami Murphy always knew they wanted to own their own business. And it was almost three years ago they discovered their mutual obsession with paper, and started building their dreams.

Now that dream has turned into a reality with Mac and Murphy, their own boutique paper company located in Downtown Charleston.

Specializing in letterpress greeting cards, journals, custom-printed invitations, wrapping paper, stationery, note cards and more, Mac and Murphy boasts the most unique collection of designer paper brands in Charleston.  From custom wedding invitations and save the dates, to quirky greeting cards or hand printed calendars, Mac and Murphy makes something as common as sending a letter feel anything but ordinary.

But there is much more to Mac and Murphy than whats on paper. 


"We knew we wanted to do stationery, but Charleston didn't need another stationery shop," explains Murphy, "We wanted something fresh and new."  Taking this idea, and Macpherson's background in fashion, they created a store for artists to display and sell all things paper.  Mac and Murphy carry an array of local and national artists, from Sideshow Press, to Wild Hare Press, as well as Proud Mary Designs, Dodi Line, and more.

Some of their artists also come from similar backgrounds as Macpherson and Murphy. "Cheree Berry used to be a designer with Kate Spade, and you can definitely see her influences in her designs on paper.  It's bright, modern, but it's really beautiful," says Macpherson.

Another notable brand carried is Rifle Paper Co. Originally an illustrator, the artist draws and paints all of her designs directly onto the paper.

"About 75% of the lines we carry you won't find anywhere else," explains Macpherson.

Macpherson and Murphy are also excited to be picking up local husband and wife designers Ink Meets Paper soon.


And it goes even deeper than providing opportunities for paper artists to display and sell their work.  In the age we live in, when we communicate through text, emails and tweets, it's about saving memories and emotions that can only be expressed through traditional writing.  

"Our goal is to inspire people to want to write letters again.  There is a very true desire on our part to get back to correspondence," shares Murphy, "Send a letter that they can keep.  We have this conversation so often, and this is what drives me.  When our kids get older, they will have no record of existence.  I have tons of letters from my Grandma growing up, and our kids won't have that.  We want them to, and there is a cool way you can do it. Going to the mailbox is the coolest thing to me!"

With an exceptional selection for unique wedding invitations, Mac and Murphy also provide full service consultations for brides looking to make a statement on their wedding day, complete with champagne.  They do ask that you make an appointment for bridal services, so they can provide the best service possible to help you with your day.62

"It's such a special place in our heart because we love it and we love to do it.  We can offer Charleston something different, and if you don't walk away with ten boxes of stationary, we want you to walk away with a special feeling knowing we're local too, and we want to get to know you," says Murphy.

Mac and Murphy is located at 74.5 Cannon St. and their hours are Monday through Friday 10:30 a.m. - 6 p.m., and Saturdays 10:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. You can also reach them by phone at (843)-576-4394.

Be sure to check out their snazzy website and blog, and you can also interact with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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