Discounts offered at some of Charleston's best restaurants (updated)

Image by Rue de JeanImage by 20090110-rue-de-jean.jpg In my opinion, Rue de Jean has taken the lead with a $5 burger.

Yes, it's true restaurants are hurting as we diners feel our wallets pinched, but, on the upside, all sorts of discounts are being floated at many of Charleston's best places. Like McCrady's 3-course meal for $35.

There's tons of them out there and Charleston City Paper's Stephanie Barna has rounded up most of the ones I've heard of -- like Rue de Jean's half-price burgers on Sunday's. So, $5 scores you an excellent burger with awesome fries.

I highly recommend it for us budget-conscious folks, who also can't resist pricy food.

At any rate, go check out Stephanie Barna's roundup.

And the list has been updated. Go check out the fresher one.

Oh, and don't forget that Slow Food Charleston is back on the 25th.

Update January 21: Poogan's Porch is offering a "Roll Back" menu -- it features the restaurant's 1978 dinner menu prices. It's available Sunday through Thursday.

Update January 25: There's a story over at The State about how Columbia's fine-dining restaurants are being hit the hardest and are closing up shop. Canary in the coal mine? Time will tell.

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