Let Workplace Benefits turn your medical claims and problems into a solution

Regardless of your health insurance carrier, medical bills can pile up quickly while making NO sense to you.

In fact, 80 percent of medical bills contain errors and the June 2011 National Health Insurer Report Card from the American Medical Association states that the claims processing error rate of health insurers is nearly 20 percent.

So, what are the chances that your medical bills and claims are going to be botched? High!

After five years in business, Workplace Benefits has had clients call in time and time again exhausted from dealing with their medical bills.

While WB always assisted clients with these issues, it consistently seemed like there had to be a better solution and a better way to really drill down to the problem at hand.

Recently, WB stumbled across a solution.  We’re proud to announce our partnership with Robin Giangrande of RG Advocates.

RG Advocates helps you navigate the maze of billing offices and insurance companies, identifying overcharges and questionable billing practices. And the result? It lessens the financial burden of healthcare on you, your family or your business.

Just like always, Workplace Benefits is dedicated to finding the best insurance plan for your specific needs. But we get it; claims are going to get messy. Therefore, we’re ecstatic to offer RG Advocate expertise to you as a value added service for being a Workplace Benefits client.

Not only do we want to save you money, but also time and extreme frustration.

To learn more about Workplace Benefits and our services, please visit our website or give us a call at (843) 856-3757 with any questions.

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