Charleston's Luxury Marketing Experts

A small firm exists in simple shop on upper King, just upstairs from Siematic and FISH. Here a couple of enterprenuer marketers have managed to build a powerful marketing business focused almost exclusively on marketing to the affluent and super-affluent.

The firm is called FORMO.

Their client list includes a private island real estate development in the Caribbean; an Architectural Digest Top 100 Architect in Manhattan; a fascinating new real estate development in Costa Rica and a few other interesting and out of the main stream products.

The boutique firm's Managing Partner, Robert Rippee, has been a featured speaker at the presitgious Luxury Marketing Council in New York City and on May 20, Robert will again address the Luxury Marketing Council with a presentation on The Aesthetics of Luxury - Bringing Luxury to Life though Design and Printing.

It would appear that the Upper King has indeed become the design and dining district.


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