Our videographer just had $6,000 in equipment stolen

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Many of you know our quirky British videographer, Geoff Marshall, and many of you know that he's gone on sabbatical to experience the grand 48 states over three months.

Well, bad news: Geoff had $6,000 worth of equipment stolen from his car overnight, which not only sucks but it also threatens an early end to his documentary: Underground USA.

If the video up top's not enough detail, you can check out his blog post to see how shaken up he is.

Geoff's a good guy and I think this a great project, so I'm hoping that folks can come together to put the show, quite literally, back on the road. I don't think that we can generate $6,000, but if we could get even a fraction of that together I suspect it would be enough to get him the minimum amount of equipment he needs -- if nothing else the moral boost I'm sure would be substantial.

I've set up this campaign in cooperation from others in the Charleston community that want to see this wrong righted.

So, go on and donate below.

For my part, I'll drop $50 now, and $50 for every $1,000 donated by others. I'll also cover all of PayPal's modest fees. -- And if you happen to be a rep for a big company, I'm sure Geoff would be willing to sport your goods in exchange for your help.

We've set up an e-mail account for the cause: helpgeoffmarshall@gmail.com, or you can connect straight with Geoff at his blog.

Update June 29, late: I've removed the TipJoy donation method. It's just been too flaky. -- If you've already pledged, keep trying to pay or just cancel it at http://tipjoy.com/canceltips and donate by PayPal.

I know, it's a pain.