The eighth annual Charleston Comedy Festival has arrived (update: video)

Update January 24, more video: Well, the festival is over. But if you missed out or want to relive some moments, fret not.

The Charleston City Paper has posted a roundup and video of some highlight moments.

Dive on into the zaniness here (heads up, occasionaly the language is NSFW.)

Update January 21, video: The Charleston City Paper was there for $5 local show "Neckprov and Hot Pants" and made a short video and write-up.

If you're a comedy festival n00b, while it's just one show, it will give you a good feel for the festival; take a gander over here.

While three of the festival's five days have already passed, the bulk of the events are still ahead on Friday and Saturday.

Update January 19: The five-day Charleston Comedy Festival kicks off tonight with two shows at Theatre 99.

The Charleston City Paper has a big old write-up on all the in's out and deals associated with the festival as well as the full performance schedule for the week. 

Pop over and take it all in.

First reporting: Prepare your stomach muscles because a slew of side splitting comedians are coming to town.

That's right folks, the 2011 Charleston Comedy Festival is just around the bend and tickets are on sale now. The comedic magic, put on by Theatre 99 and the Charleston City Paper is back January 19-22.

The full schedule  of stand-up, sketch and improv comedy has been posted on the official event website, and tickets are on sale now. Make sure you secure your tickets early because some shows are sure to sell out lickity split.

Venues this year include Theatre 99, Footlight Players Theatre, The American Theater, Stars at The American Theater, Charleston Ballet Theatre, Eye Level Art 103 Gallery, South of Broadway Theatre and the Charleston Pour House.

The Charleston City Paper has a nice little preview of who and what's to come; read it here.