Hands-on exhibits at the Charleston Museum

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When you're thinking of what to do during the hot-hot summer heat, don't forget that The Charleston Museum is continuing its hands-on series for children with "Around the World: European Folklife."

Here's the latest on the event from the museum's Web site:

"Around the World" aims to introduce children to items that are a part of everyday life for children from other parts of the world and is displayed in Kidstory, the Museum's interactive children's exhibit. For 2009, the focus will be on Africa, European folklore and Native American artistry. The Museum's education department will offer special family programming throughout the year.

European Folklife
May 5 – August 30, 2009
People across Europe can trace their traditions and customs to many colorful and distinctive ancestors. “Around the World: European Folklife” will travel back in time to look at folk crafts and customs around Europe. Greek costumes, Italian marionettes and carved shells, Spanish pottery and weapons, French and Swiss handicrafts, Czechoslovakian toys and ornaments, shoes from the Netherlands and even a brass samovar from Romania bring these old cultures to life.

Upcoming installments of "Around the World"
Native American Artistry
September 1 - December 31, 2009