Independent feature film "Warrior Road" shoots in Myrtle Beach (Update: Behind the scenes series)

Posted to the Warrior Road Facebook Page

Update 2/13/2012: The Warrior Road team has released

" target="_blank">the first an online video series

showing the making of the movie.

Keep an eye out as there will certainly be some Myrtle Beach footage shown in later episodes.

First Report 11/15/2012Charliewood Pictures, a Charleston-based production company focused on developing, supporting, and promoting South Carolina-based feature films, is producing a film called Warrior Road.

Warrior Road is about three young men in the marshlands of South Carolina who rob a backwoods juke joint and flee up the Carolina coast, armed with psychedelics and a souped-up Cutlass. The production crew was in Myrtle Beach last week shooting scenes on the boardwalk. You can see more photos of the production on their Facebook page which also serves as the main site for the movie. They also have a really detailed YouTube channel they have developed. You can watch that here.

The six week production has employed over 100 people and takes advantage of tax incentives put forth by the State of South Carolina to encourage film and television industries to consider our state for locations. Since the incentives have been in place in 2007, an estimated $87 million dollar economic impact has been generated.