The City Paper hashes out the case of Ohioans in the Holy City

Image by Flickr user laffy4k The College of Charleston doesn't have a football team, perhaps Ohio could seal the deal and lend their's in the summer.

I've always taken the Lowcountry's criticism of Ohio tourists without any sincerity, thought of it a bit like Charleston's famous gum pole: It's odd and there's a lot of it.

But a lengthy article in the Charleston City Paper by Kinsey Gidick likely represents the most in-depth piece I've yet to see on it, and I can't quite tell what its purpose is as it oscillates between sincerity and mockery. 

Either way you slice it, it's interesting and perhaps best taken as an entertainment piece; take a read of it here.

Footnote: Sadly, it looks like is no longer online, but you can still enjoy some of it thanks to the Web Archive.