'Unsilent Night' Christmas caroling at Marion Square

Image by Charlie Thiel PhotographyImage by 20081217-unslient.jpg

Get ready for boombox caroling. For what? Yes, boombox caroling.

Mastermind behind the New Music Collective organization Nathan Koci brought Phil Kline's NYC installation Unsilent Night to Charleston three years ago. Traditionally the group shared the tingling bell melody with stereos and cassettes. Then came CDs and now we have MP3 files. All in a short 16 years! This event is celebrated internationally all to the same beat.

And we are not talking corny holiday carols here people. Unsilent Night kicks off at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park on Sunday December 21 at 8 p.m. This melodious, interactive event is FREE and open to the public. Interested carolers simply need contact Nathan (info [at] newmusiccollective.org) to let him know which type of media device you or your group plan to bring.

For those of you who have not participated, here is how it goes down: Charleston's coolest gather at the City Gallery with music devices in hand or attached to their person or bike or scooter or stroller. On the count of three everyone starts the music and the group sets off to merrily carol, winding through the streets of Charleston and Marion Square to end at REDUX for some hot apple cider. Costumes are not required, but encouraged. The more festive the better.

It's like Critical Mass, but on foot. We hope to see you all there!