Full moon Lunacy bash at Voodoo

Image by VoodooImage by 20090112-moon.jpg

I'm still not quite sure why I plug every one of these full moon parties at Voodoo -- maybe I'm just waiting for the day when I hear that someone finally went fully nude.

But, if you're looking for a place to get your crazy on, head down to Lunacy at Voodoo for the DJ, communal body painting, and non-requisite clothing. There's also Capoeira Dancers and Hot Hula Hoop Girls.

$3. Party starts at dark on Monday, January 12.

Oh, and they get major props for their disclaimer of: "Voodoo is not responsible for damaged or lost clothing, hurt feelings, nudity, pregnancy, or any other unforeseen circumstances or occurrences of any kind."

Hopefully there won't be a waiting line this time.

They're located at 15 Magnolia Road in West Ashley.