Lowcountry BBQ meatup at Mama Brown's

Do you love BBQ? Do you like interacting with other human beings? Well the Lowcountry BBQ "meat"-ups might be just the thing for you!

They say:
Join fellow bloggers, Twittererers and fans of BBQ at the second BBQ Meatup where we talk cue (of course), geek, current events and anything else we can think of...

The next meatup is at Mama Brown's on Wednesday, February 4, at 5:30 p.m.

Mama Brown's is located at 1471 Ben Sawyer Boulevard in Mount Pleasant.

To keep up with more area BBQ meet-ups, events, and where you can go to eat the delicious stuff, head over to LowcountryBBQ. And, if you're on Twitter, so are they.

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