Democratic Women of Horry demolish Mount Myrtle (Update: Demolished; GOP ire)

Flickr user Josh Liba

Update January 23, 2012: Pink shovels and all, the female Dems tore into the sand sculpture this morning. Some folks are perhaps taking the whole act a little more seriously than was intentioned.

Lorena Anderson of The Sun News covered the event and also got some very serious reactions from some local Republicans. Turning out what started as a light-hearted jab for charity into a mild controversy. Read more here. There's a few photos from WMBF as well. That's here. 

First Report: The Democratic Women of Horry County have announced they have "secured the rights to demolish the Republican Primary Debate Sand Sculpture." The sculpture will be demolished at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, January 23rd.

Built by Team Sandtastic of Sarasota and sponsored by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, the sand sculpture features six candidates who were vying for the Republican Presidential nomination leading up to the January 16th debate. Dubbed ‘Mount Myrtle’, the sand feature is located across the street from the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Hotel and Convention Center and encompasses over 700,000 pounds of sand.  A team of five sand sculptors took several days to complete the sand sculpture but the Democratic Women of Horry County are ready to excavate the site in just a few hours.  

 “We were glad to see the Republicans come here and create a buzz for Myrtle Beach, but it will be nice to get back to normal.” said Sally Howard, long-time Democratic Party leader and President of the Democratic Women of Horry County.  “After nearly two weeks of a constant bombardment of television commercials, radio spots, robo-calls and candidates popping up everywhere, we wish these campaigns safe travels on their way to Florida,”  Howard noted. “The candidates did a lot of talking, and now we’ll clean up in the aftermath,” said Howard. “In the words of Margaret Thatcher—If you want something said, ask a man…if you want something DONE, ask a woman.”