American Craft Beer Week is here

Flickr User: john.paul.robinson

American Craft Beer Week aka “The Mother of all Beer Weeks” has arrived! Running May 14th to the 20th, beer lovers will be rejoicing nationwide. 

This is an opportunity for beer beginners, enthusiasts, and self-proclaimed beer geeks across America to toast the advancing beer culture in the U.S. Celebrations are expected to be held across all 50 states as communities come together to show appreciation on a local level for the more than 1,900 small and independent craft brewers responsible for the steadily advancing American craft beer culture.

Sadly, there are no events listed over on that are happening locally in #MYR. There are events all over the state, from Greenville to Columbia and down to Hilton Head. Pearlstine out of Charleston is throwing quite a few parties this week, all the info on those can be found here

If you want to throw your own party to celebrate American Craft Beer Week there are lots of bars around town that offer some great beers both on tap and bottled. A few of those are, Mellow Mushroom, Liberty Steak House and Liberty Tap Room, The Crafty Rooster and Bully's Pub. For a full list of bars and restaurants serving fine craft beers hop on over to

Additionally you could always take a tour of Myrtle Beach's own New South Brewery which is today and Thursday from 3:00 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. 

*Don't forget our handy little guide to all the local happy hour spots which can be found here