Just how early is Tropical Storm Alberto?

Image by NASA

We've already discussed the formation and forecast of Tropical Storm Alberto, but with hurricane season not officially starting until June 1 — just how early is Alberto?

Well, the earliest tropical storm to form on record was 1952's "Groundhog Day" storm that came up through Florida. That storm formed February 2. And Alberto doesn't have a shot at the earliest hurricane either, that goes to an unnamed storm in 1908 on March 6.

Alberto isn't even that early compared to other early storm seasons.

Since 1851 there have been five tropical storms to form between Februrary and April months, and 18 to form in May — on average, on out of every 10 Mays see a tropical storm form.

Though the earliest date on record for a Category 4 storm is June 27 — we still have an unfortunate chance there.

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