A miniature Charleston ... in photos, anyways (updated)

Image by Tiltshift Charleston Charleston has been shrunk! Or has it?

Update September: It's been several months since I've looked at the site and there's lots of new stuff, but that's it, after a little more than a year run the site is being put to bed.

Click on over and see some shots of Charleston in miniature one last time at Tilt-Shift Charleston.

Update February 22: And over the months the author/photographer has kept up with the site, go on and take another gander.

I particularly like these from the Christmas parade.

Original post: While doing our normal watching of the Charleston InterWebs we stumbled on a young blog devoted entirely to making Charleston look like a set of miniatures.

"Tiltshift Charleston" uses the tilt-shift effect to make them look like your granddad's railroad set.

It's kinda fun, go check 'em out.

If you like what you see be sure to tell the author you want more.

Until then, see more great local examples on Flickr.