Lack of money cripples advanced ocean tracking system

Image by Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional AssociationImage by 20090512-ocean.jpg One of six current-measuring Carolinas Coastal Ocean Observing and Prediction System buoys is set off the South Carolina coast in 2003.

A network of high-tech radar systems designed to track the inner-workings of the ocean can barely function as funding is so bad.

Ideally the system would be the go to spot for learning the current and future state of the oceans and how its currents are moving fish, oil, or even adrift boats.

The Post and Courier has a story on the problems with the system along the southeast coast, noting that the system is only at 5% capacity.

Hop on over to their Web site for a rundown on the problems and what the system would be capable of.

Pretty surprising that a system started in 2003 has already fallen into disrepair.

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