Create a message, break through the clutter, establish a brand...six years later

Collins and Company

August 1st, 2011 - Collins + Company hits a milestone of six years in the design industry here in Myrtle Beach. During that time they have lived by the same principals that they sell to their clients: "Create a message, break through the clutter, establish a brand."

In the design world they live by the "Rule of Thirds," so it's only fitting that on their 6th year Collins + Company is seeing the largest growth in three years. This growth cycle helps Collins + Company shape the design culture here in Myrtle Beach. While the area has been known for tacky tourist oriented marketing, the Collins + Company design team, lead by Tom Collins, is expanding the creative scope of companies in Myrtle Beach.

Pushing the envelope of the creative, Collins + Company bases its growth on sound principals of design.

Stick to the message - focus on the core concept of your brand. It's (Advertising) is all about your brand. Establish that and stay focused.

Over the past 6 years, Tom Collins and his staff have rode the economy roller coaster. While Tom admits the hardest thing over the past years is getting paid, he likes to think of the creative marketing challenges that lie ahead. According to Tom the downturn of the economy is one of the main reasons social media caught a hold of marketing like it did.

While Collins + Company fully embraces social media's functionality within a marketing environment traditional media still plays a large roll.

From direct mail to digital space the key is creativity focusing on the brand. While some feel as if social media and the likes are fads, it's the know how on how to capitalize on the fads for the benefit of your brand that really matters.  

Collins + Company recently stated campaigns for both national and international companies. When asked how they go about treating each client Tom Collins states:

Local, hyperlocal, national, international - it's no different. Focus on their brand. Relay that through a creative message and don't waver from that point. It's the keys to our success here at Collins and Company and it's how we help our clients as well.

The six years that Collins + Company have been in business have lent them to see the ups and downs in Myrtle Beach. While they continue to expand their reach one thing is for certain, their scope of message will stay true: Focus on the Brand.  

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