Get a glimpse of Fish's fantastic spring menu

Image by Amanda Click / TheDigitel

It is no secret that dining at Fish is a great experience. Executive chef Nico Romo uses his unique style to create some of the most impressive and unique French and Asian inspired dishes that are color and flavor explosions.

Romo changes the menu with the seasons to highlight locally-sourced seafood and produce, and the current spring menu is brimming with utter deliciousness. To boot, Romo is also the youngest person to ever be awarded the prestigious title of Master Chef of France, a  refined distinction that he shares with only 500 prestigious chefs worldwide.

Walking into the Upper King Design District spot, it's easy to see why Fish is a staple on the peninsula. The bar is stocked with beautiful people and unique cocktails, the music is always phenomenal, the decor is classy yet casual and there isn't one hint of pretentiousness in the building. Also, diners are offered the option of bar, patio, piazza, first or second floor seating which makes for a different dining experience based on your seating preference.

My dining partner and I were seated in the back room on the first floor and were greeted by our fantastic waitress Kara and shortly after by chef Romo himself. Our only request was for chef Romo to give us a sampling of what he felt best highlighted his spring menu, and then the real fun began.

First up were Fish's trademark fried dinner rolls with a plum dipping sauce that has an indescribable tang that perfectly compliments the warm, doughy rolls. We opted to pair our meal with the Innocent Bystander Pino Gris which paired perfectly with our seafood-centric meal.


Next came the appetizer portion of our meal. Out came a beautifully plated dim sum style sampler which featured the Crab Wonton with Plum Sauce, Duck Confit Steamed Bun with Goat Cheese, Sweet Chili Calamari and a Fried Pork Bun. We were also sent the Escargot Dumplings with potato duck confit, a garlic cilantro cream sauce and are topped with a tomato fennel salad.




Following the smorgasbord of appetizers was the entree portion of the meal. I was served the pan seared Red Porgy, a South Carolina fish served with a side of roasted cauliflower, potato, haricot vert ontop of a perfectly spiced green curry. My dinner date was given the roasted Golden Trout served over a brown butter sauce almandine paired a flakey, warm potato, zucchini & yellow squash quiche.



With bellies full and tipsy off of wine, we soldier on into the final portion of our meal: dessert. Let me just say this, if you order one thing off of Fish's spring menu, it is imperative that you choose the Chocolate Stuffed French Toast. Filled with marshmallow, cranberries and served with a side of cookie dough ice cream, I've never experienced anything closer to heaven on my tongue before this. The Banana Ginger Brulee was delicious and refreshing, but our main focus turned to devouring the French Toast and we never looked back.



If you're looking for high caliber, fresh seafood at an affordable price, look no further than Fish. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful spring menu with us here at TheDigitel, you've just gained two new loyal followers.

Fish is located at 442 King Street in downtown Charleston.

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