Guerrilla Cuisine takes it to the farm (updated with photos)

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Update November 23:

Jonathan Stout was also dining and has shared an excellent photo collection of the night; go check it out.

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First reporting:

It was dark, cold and essentially out in the middle of nowhere. 

This was a deadly combination for a city kid. As I journeyed farther and farther away from the concrete jungle and deeper into the most unknown, there was a certain excitement that started to take over. I swear there was even a point where I could practically smell the oysters being poached and hear the fermented sausage being sliced to perfection.

As you can tell I was quite excited to be attending the second anniversary of Charleston's collaborative dining event, Guerrilla Cuisine.

The space was more than accommodating, and the company made the experience very warm and inviting, namely because we were sat rather close to one another at community style tables. This was not a problem as the night went on. As plates were placed in front of starving guests and glasses of wine poured for complete and utter strangers, there was much to be discussed and debated in the middle of pitch black Legare Farms.

Aside from the food, the conversations that people had throughout the night caught my attention more than anything else. Everything from the story of how Jimihatt and his wife, Angel, first met to talks of backpacking through the Himalayas well all so enthralling, I didn't know how to separate fact from fiction by the end of it all.

The gem of the night was the charity that Chef Fred from Fat Hen was supporting. Coming off the heels of holding a rather decadent gala event at Marion Square, Darkness to Light has the honor of being in the spotlight.

In the end, the setting was intimate, people were nice and friendly and the food was absolutely out of this world. It's good to know that there are still chefs out there that still have to awareness to serve us Charlestonians a no-frills, downright good meal on a Sunday night.

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