Wear a band shirt, save 10% on your coffee and cakes

Image by 20090708-band-shirt.jpg My kudos to anyone who makes a shirt that says "Insert Band T-Shirt HERE," wears it, and insists on a discount.

One of my favorite coffee watering holes, City Lights Coffee, is offering a fun promotion: "Band T-Shirt Day."

All you need do is wear a band t-shirt to the coffee shop on the 15th of the month and you'll save 10%.

Why the music connection, you ask? Owner Sean McCrossin used to own a record shop in Chapel Hill before moving to Charleston.

So go on and wear your favorite band shirt, grab a beer or espresso and debate music, for inanity's sake.

City Lights is at 141 Market Street in downtown Charleston. (843) 853-7067.

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