New video wall for largest sports bar in South Carolina

TheDigitelMYR & Courtesy Overtime Sports Cafe

After nearly 15 years of service, the once cutting edge of video display is now gone. 

If Overtime Sports Cafe is known for anything, it's the amount of TVs they have and that it is the perfect place to gather on Saturday and Sunday to watch all your NCAA and NFL teams battle it out.

The jewel in Overtime's crown was their massive 12 ft video wall that allowed customers to watch four games at once or one game on the entire wall. But after time, the wall began to show its age. The 16 individual standard definition, rear projection TVs just didn't shine as bright next to today's plasma/LED/LCD TVs and the cost of repairs far out weighed the value. 

But all that has changed this week sports fans. 

Overtime Sports Cafe has replaced the old wall. The new wall is part of an overall building upgrade that they have been going through for a couple years now, replacing all their old CRT TVs with flat screens and running new cables throughout the building. 

The new video wall now consists of sixteen 47 inch LCD TVs that will have the same functionality as the old wall. When I stopped by yesterday afternoon, managers and employees were excited by the new wall and they all hoped but wouldn't confirm that the wall would be ready by this weekend. However, with a photo posted to their Facebook last night, it looks like the new video wall will be ready tomorrow, Saturday, September 28th for its first ESPN Game Day.

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