Espresso Milk Stout hits the growler station at Charleston Beer Exchange

Image by The Buddha BeerImage by 20091110-depth.jpg

It's Tuesday, and that means The Charleston Beer Exchange will be tapping an extremely rare and delicious keg for growler fills at 5 p.m.

This week they're putting on an amazing Espresso Milk Stout called 'Depth Charge' that is a brewing collaboration between Terrapin Beer Company and Left Hand Brewing.

Here's a commercial description from the brewers:


Sometime around midnight in a city nobody can agree on, the idea for Terrapin and Left Hand to brew a collaboration beer was born. Depth Charge is the second in the series of one-time releases between the two breweries. Be wary of the calm before the storm. This creamy, deeply delicious milk stout will seduce you into submission while the explosion of hand roasted gourmet espresso will blow you into next week.

Blow me into next week? I'll take it.

The Charleston Beer Exchange is located at 14 Exchange Street, downtown.

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