Live Guac at Poblanos Mexican Restaurant

Image by LBerry Poblanos Mexican Restaurant

Poblanos Mexican Restaurant in North Charleston delightfully surprised my taste buds with their Live Guacamole. If you like guacamole and you haven’t tried it; you really owe it to yourself to stop in.

Being a lover of Mexican food and anything with avocadoes, I was intrigued when I saw it on the menu as several things ran through my mind when I saw the word “live.”

When you order Live Guacamole, your server comes to the table with a large tray with little bowl containing all the ingredients used to make guacamole and then prepares it “live” right in front of you.

The avocadoes are pitted and placed in a bowl, and then the jalapeños, minced onion, diced tomato, fresh squeezed lemon, cilantro, and salt are added and mixed together. Not only are you getting fresh ingredients, you can choose to lessen or omit the ingredients you may not care for.

The Live Guac and warm, fresh tortilla chips had my husband and I almost forget there were still entrées coming. We both enjoyed our meals. Our server was very friendly and our chat with the manager on our way out made a great impression.

I will definitely be back.

Poblanos is located at 7575 Rivers Avenue in North Charleston.


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