P&C shares a recipe for fish stew

A rather odd find in my morning read through of The Post and Courier, a recipe for Lowcountry fish stew.

Now, reading through it, you're bound to go "ewwww" at some point, but I assure you I've had several fish stews and they can be quite good.

Here's an excerpt to give you an idea:
And, like me, I hope you will dream of it after you eat it. What's important is a flavorful broth full of fish bones, including a head if you can get it. And garlic, a lot of it. Usually a wine or liquor — in this case Pernod, an anise liquor — is added to give it an extra boost of flavor at the end. The anise is not discernible, but the increase in flavor is.

Go, dig in.

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