Taste of Thai earns a thumbs up from City Paper, Post and Courier

Both The Post and Courier and Charleston City Paper went to check out the successor to New Asia Restaurant in West Ashley: Taste Of Thai.

Read more stories on this subject in our food topic page.All-in-all both reviews spoke well of the dishes, creativity, ambience, service, and flavors.

But, where the City Paper's Jeff Allen rejoiced in the large, flavorful dishes, The Post and Courier's Deidre Schipani seemed to feel the dishes were too massive and prepared too heavy handily "lacking the lightness that makes Thai food so refreshing."

Though, with the City Paper's review coming two weeks later, it's possible they've improved their formula.

Still, in the end, both reviewers left feeling that this is a place we should consider spending our dining dollars.

Here's The Post and Courier's review, and The Charleston City Paper's.

Taste Of Thai is located at 874 Orleans Road in West Ashley. (843) 573-8825.

They're open for lunch 7-days a week, and open to 9:30 at night; 10:30 on Fridays and Saturdays.

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