Charleston's best spots for a french fry

Image by Flickr user alles-schlumpf No one can resist a good spud.

The Post and Courier has hammered out a good little list of the Lowcountry's best locations for some deep fried spuds.

Their top picks of La Fourchette and Carolina's are all shoe ins, but as much as I love Five Guys (their third listed) I personally find them a little bit too greasy in the knees. But I'm sure I'm in the minority there. So go on and check out their story, and be sure to scroll all the way down for a list of their picks -- all of which can stand their own ground, Five Guys included. Just make sure that you get that pepper gravy with Vickery's fries. I can't think of any that need to be added to that list ... how about you?

Update April 20: The timing of this post may be a bit ironic, but hey, a good fry is a good fry.

Two restaurants come to mind today when I think of the ultimate fry experience: Granville's (730 Rutledge Avenue) and the Patat Spot (41 George Street).