Ian Leaf

Ian Leaf's Review of Two Boroughs Larder

I love food as much as the next guy and being the perfectionist I am, I set high expectations both for myself as well as others. The downside to setting high expectations for others is that doing so also increases the chance you will be disappointed.

I recently visited a friend in Charleston who suggested we get a bite to eat at a relatively new place in town that had only been open for 5 years and was still growing in popularity with the locals. The name of the restaurant was “Two Bouroughs Larder” and I’ll never forget it.

We got inside and we were greeted with joy and enthusiasm. Instantly the atmosphere in the building was positive, lively and energetic. We sat down and took a look at the menu where everything looked promising. Some of the items that caught my attention were the roasted lamb, the grilled short ribs and the potatoes, so I decided to have each of those.

This is where paying attention to detail takes over. The lamb was roasted to a golden brown perfection with the meat still so juicy and tender enough to be pulled off the bone with ease. The same could be said about the grilled short ribs. The potatoes, like the lamb, were flawless in every way just like how grandma used to make them.

In addition to the food being quick to arrive at our table, the staff was friendly, welcoming and professional. The energy and positivity they share is contagious because we both walked out laughing and in a better mood. Two Boroughs Larder truly did not disappoint.

I’m sad to see that Two Boroughs Larder has now closed, but I won’t soon forget what Josh Keeler did for my palate that night.

This was a first person account from Ian Leaf, contributor.



Restaurant is amazing.....

Restaurant is amazing......such scrumptious, mouth watering epicurean delights. You will be missed, sadly. Your bucatini carbonara is fabulous, the best ever. Hoping that you'll be sharing your culinary talents in Charleston very soon and we'll be there before you close. I work at the stable near your house and see you and Walter walking by on occasion. Best of luck and please keep us tuned as where you'll be serving your extraordinary menu's.

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