Another strip mall... BUT CHIPOTLE

That's right, burrito fiends. Officials at Burroughs & Chapin have announced (another) strip mall is popping up near Coastal Grand Mall in Summer 2013. The kicker is Chipotle will be one of the tenants.

It appears Myrtle Beach Restaurant News broke the news first but the WBTW report is a little more specific about the location which sounds like it will be on the parcel on the mall side of Pine Island Road near Grissom. Both links contain the news release text from B&C.

Personally, I would have preferred the location more towards Carolina Forest so as not to compete with the Abuelo's Express or the locally owned Farlo's downtown. However, as someone that has been campaigning for a Chipotle in our area for over 7 years, I can't complain too much. See you in line on opening day!