Mt. Pleasant looks to draw walkers

Image by stock.xchang user salladhorImage by 20080708walk.jpg Want to go for a walk? It might be difficult along Coleman Boulevard now, but town officials hope to change that.

As part of Mount Pleasant's efforts to reshape Coleman Boulevard, the town is also focusing on another aspect of improvement: walking. Part of the Coleman and Ben Sawyer Boulevards Revitalization Master Plan (watch out, that's a 52MB PDF ...), will be to lure more walkers to Coleman, generally seen as more of a driving path than a walking one. (In fact, one could say that of most of Mount Pleasant, as it has evolved from small town to densely populated suburb.)

But will the walkers come? Most stop at the Ravenel Bridge on their way across the Cooper from downtown, but Mount Pleasant officials want them to keep walking, down along Coleman. And, I'm sure, taking advantage of some of the businesses located along that road, as well.

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From Live 5 News:

"Coleman for a long time is been seen primarily as a place to get from point A to point B, we're trying to change that," said city administrator Mac Burdette.


"It's surely not living up to it's potential and we think there's a lot of room for investment on that road and we're pumping a bunch of money into it," said Burdette.

Another aspect of the master plan, as The Post and Courier reported back in April, would be raising the height limit on buildings along Coleman to 75 feet, about six stories tall, from the current 55 feet.

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