Morris Island now public land

Morris Island now belongs to the public, after the Ginn Co. sold the land to the city of Charleston for $3 million. ABC News 4 reports:

(The city) purchased the land from developer Bobby Ginn for $3 million. The island has deep roots in Lowcountry history. ... City officials called Friday's announcement a big deal not only locally but nationally as well.

"The history of Morris Island is an incredible story, it's one that no other city can tell," said Bobby Ginn.

"Morris Island reminds us today that we run the risk of taking for granted the things we've always been expecting as if we will always have them," added Mayor Joe Riley.

The Post and Courier also weighed in on the story:

The company originally bought the 126-acre site for $6.5 million with the goal of preserving it.

A deed restriction on the property prohibits development.

"We have saved and forever protected a treasure," Mayor Joe Riley said Friday at an event that celebrated the sale.