State energy plan coming soon

Image by NASAImage by 20080707energyplan.jpg If the bureaucracies can put the comprehensive energy plan into practice, it could be more shocking than this neutron star flare.

A set of 51 recommendations to reduce South Carolina's greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels will head to Governor Mark Sanford soon.

The plan aims to for state emissions to be five percent below 1990 levels by 2020. Here are some highlights of how they think the goal can be achieved:
- Improving energy efficiency by constructing energy-efficent buildings and educating electricity users.
- Enhancing alternative energy sources, and nuclear energy.
- Offering incentives for fuel-efficient vehicles.
- Removing carbon from the air by growing more forests.
- Stricter enforcement of speed limits (slower moving cars use less gas).
- Encouraging commuter programs and biking.

The plan, if it becomes policy, could be enforced through a combination of legislation, planning, incentives and ordinances. In short, it would need to be supported and practiced by all branches of government. No small task.

The S.C. Climate, Energy and Commerce Advisory Committee plans to issue the report later this month, but the draft report can be read online.

To create the report, dozens of people from environmental, academic, industry and other areas gathered and met more than 70 times.

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