After wave of robberies, West Ashley business owners buckle in (Update: More bad news)

Image by Flickr user skippytpe

Update November 23: More bad news for West Ashles business: the windows of seven businesses have been smashed in. Multiple release-based reports abound, but the better I've seen is at Live 5 News; read it here.

Update November 21: And the bad news continues: following an argument on Saturday night a man stabbed four others in a Piggly Wiggly parking lot — many briefs abound, but the better report comes from Live 5 News.

First reporting: West Ashley has seen a mini crime wave in the past three months: A home invasion where 5-year-old Allison Griffor sustained fatal wounds, another shooting, four armed robberies and now a robbery of a Dollar General in West Ashley on Ashley River Road on Friday.

So as you might expect, police are telling business owners to be smart and, among other things, limit cash on hand.

NBC News 2 has a rundown on what's up; read it here.

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