Fine for throwing water balloons: $1,087

Image by flickr user twidImage by 20080630balloons.jpg Throwing water balloons is another form of littering on Isle of Palms, at least in one case.

Four teens are having to pay big after tossing water balloons at people on Isle of Palms. They were throwing the balloons at passersby and hit a woman inside Windjammers, according to police.

The charge? Littering, oddly enough, at least for three of them. The fine for littering on Isle of Palms is $1,087, but it's unclear if they each have to pay that amount, or if the have to pay it between the three of them ...

From ABC News 4:

A group of teens driving a Toyota 4-Runner were allegedly throwing water balloons at passersby when they hit a woman inside Windjammers. Drew Morgan Smith, 17, Whitney Blaire Seabrook, 17, and Frank Dabney were charged with littering which carried a fine of $1,087. ...

Another female teenager whose name was not identified because she is a minor was charged with one count of simple assault.

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