Summerville woman accused of 'bumping' kids with car at crosswalk (update: upset, frustrated)

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Update February 19, more context: The Post and Courier has a followup report about how disheveled Stewart was on the scene and the paper offers more accounts of clashes between cars and people in the area.

Read that update here.

Update February 18, upset and on video: NBC News 2 dropped by Stewart's home and has a brief chat with the very upset woman.

And indeed that would be the overall thrust, Stewart is very upset; watch the video here.

First reporting: An apparently irate 34-year-old Amy Lynn Stewart faces charges after allegedly moving her car forward into a group of kids blocking her way at a Summerville crosswalk.

Four kids were struck and one treated for minor injuries, while Stewart was charged with battery in the first degree.

Multiple write-ups abound, but the one at The Summerville Journal Scene is the most current and has the most depth; read it here.

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