Arson labeled in second downtown Charleston fire as concerns flare

Image by FirefighterEast A second fire cindered three other homes lower on Rutledge Avenue.

While the fire that engulfed 247 Rutledge Avenue captured most of the headlines, a second fire on the morning of June 30 is, perhaps, doing more to stir fears.

While a blanket that had been set afire on the porch of 563 Rutledge Avenue failed to take hold, investigators have quickly labeled it as an arson attempt and added it to the staggering list of more than 50 suspected arson incidents around the Cannonborough area since 2003. 

The Post and Courier has a robust update on the investigation as well as a discussion about what Charleston firefighters are doing to help area residents prevent themselves from becoming victims of opportunity — hint: take your couches and other fluffy items inside.

(If you prefer your news in video format, I'll direct you to Live 5 News's comparable report.)

The paper has also compiled a map that shows 50 suspected blazes (their site also indicates that an enhanced version should be online, but I've been unable to find it).

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