Leg removed from Fowler's Mustache band member after being run over by 18 wheeler

Update 3, February 14: The driver of the 18-wheeler won't face charges.

Update 2, December 17: Nearly four months have passed, but Nick Collins' recovery is said to be going quite well.

Update August 21: Collins' recovery continues to be a long road some 18 days after he was run over by a truck. 

But support continues two pour out, with two recent fundraisers raising in excess of $36,000 and more events planned in the coming days.

Up next is a fund raiser at Bushido's Japanese restaurant on August 24 and a "NAC WINS Awendaw Green event" on September 23.

As we mentioned below, keep up with Collins' condition on his CaringBridge profile.

First reporting: On August 3rd, three people were taken to the hospital after an SUV collided with retaining walls on I-526 near 2:30 in the morning— but one person was ejected from the back seat where he was later partly run over by an 18-wheeler.

The driver of the truck did not stop.

Left badly injured was Nick Collins, 26, son of former Mount Pleasant councilman of the same name.

Collins was pulled partly from the path of the truck by a friend, but Collins' pelvis and legs were both run over and he was taken to MUSC where he was placed in a medically induced coma

On Saturday, surgeons removed one of Collins' legs due to the extent of damage. A webpage has been set up to track Collins' progress and Collins' family notes:

Today Nicholas went in for more surgery for his legs. The goal for this surgery was to remove any dead tissue to allow for healing in the legs and back wound. The surgeons removed a large amount of dead tissue but reported the muscle in his legs looked good. 

He continues to improve, his kidney function and liver function are good and his platelets have increased dramatically. We are so happy with his improvement over the last week! 

Collins also plays in local band Fowler's Mustache, and there has been an outpouring of support on the group's Facebook page. Additionally, a website has been set up to honor Collins and list related support events.

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