Roller derby comes to Charleston

Image by flickr user Marshall Astor - Food PornographerImage by 20080630rollerderby.jpg Not exactly a standard roller derby move, but the sport does require some impressive athletics.

Thanks to Wendy Jernigan and Wendy Boswell, Charleston finally has its own roller derby team, the Lowcountry High Rollers.

Roller derby is, as Wikipedia puts it, "a contact sport—and historically, a form of sports entertainment—based on formation roller skating around an oval track." The basic premise is that each team's jammer tries to pass other team members on the track to score points. Opposing team members use their hips, excluding forearms, hands, and head to try to impeed the jammer.

And it all adds up to some fast-paced fun.

Charleston City Paper has this to say about the vibe:
Today's derby is sex on eight wheels — think hot pants, mini skirts, skull-and-cross bones-covered leggings — and leagues are sprouting up across America like Hot Topics — Denver, Seattle, Austin, and even closer to home in Columbia. South Carolina boasts at least four competitive teams.

It will be several months before you can watch them officially compete as the rules require them to be around for six months. But, you can watch them practice at the Hot Wheels Skating Center on Tuesdays from 6-8 p.m., and Saturdays from 5-7 p.m.

If you want to join, their MySpace page says: We are still looking for women (over 21, with health insurance) that want to skate. We are accepting all skill levels at this time (yes, that means you who has never done this before!)

The Low Country High Rollers at a team practice.