Report outlines extent of pollution woes at Charleston trash incinerator

Image by Flickr user AndWhyNot

The Post and Courier has a write-up about a new DHEC report that outlines the extent of just how bad the former North Charleston trash-to-energy incinerator was for our region's air.

Read more stories on this subject in our incinerator topic page.You can read about that report here.

I'd like to make a few observations though that are not mentioned on the paper's post.

  • The fact that DHEC came down with heavy fines is pretty remarkable given the ample criticism that the agency is too lax and weak to do pollution control.
  • Part of the promises made if the incinerator were to remain open would be that it would be substantially less eco-unfriendly.
  • Lastly, I'll continue to harp about how we can't look at truck and trash air pollution in Charleston without fully recognizing how nasty cargo ship pollution is.

Still, we're probably much better off with the trash burner closed, especially as it seems to be doing much to make us recycle more.

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