Dude, where's my car?

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Here today gone Tow-morrow...

It's happened to me. You arrive at the spot where you parked your car only to find that it's gone. At first you panic and then you look around and you spot the "No Parking, Violators will be Towed" sign and you feel like an idiot. 

However, in my case, I was living in Charleston and it was a combination of an expired meter and some unpaid parking tickets. But the issue of cars being towed here in Myrtle Beach, especially downtown near the boulevard is becoming quite questionable. A mix of shady "No Parking" sign placement combined with greedy towing companies banking on the knowledge that you probably don't know the law and or your rights and gouging you to get your vehicle back. 

WMBF has a great piece on towing companies taking advantage of you. Check out the video below and make sure to head on over to WMBFnews.com to get all the details on your rights -how much should it cost to have your car towed? Do you really have to pay for a storage fee the same day your vehicle was towed? 

Do any of you, our wonderful readers have any horror stories of your vehicle being towed in Horry County? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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