North Charleston's free service for locked out motorists yields business pushback

Image by Still image by Flickr user wonderlane A quick video demonstration of the ingenious but simple tech behind the tool.

Last week the City of North Charleston announced its police force would begin using a new, easy-to-operate lockout kit for cars to aid stranded motorist. And it didn't take long for most area locksmiths to be, well, pissed.

Instead of actually picking a lock, The Big Easy Lockout Kit enters throught a gap in the door and simply unlocks the car -- perhps you've opened a lock before with an old metal coat hanger?

And the locksmiths see the city's announcement as unfair government competition that will put them out of business, and the city sees it as a simple service that to deny would cater to the businesses over people.

Get some details on the debate in this report over at The Post and Courier, NBC News 2 also has a solid video report.

And do a little digging on the irate business folk at North Charleston Citizens Speak Out.

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