Orangeburg catches heat for North Charleston development request

Image by 20090512-orange.jpg Highlighting is ours: When mayors break out words like "whipping boy," you know someone's not happy. Go read the whole letter at The Charleston Regional Business Journal.

As if the debate over more rail access at the new port weren't sprawling enough, Orangeburg County has now entered the fray by requesting money to develop North Charleston land without first consulting the city.

Read more stories on this subject in our North Charleston rail topic page.The Charleston Regional Business Journal first reported the $278 million request by Organgeburg to facilitate a massive Jafza International distribution center.

The Journal has also followed up with North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey's less-than-thrilled response.

If you're just joining us, North Charleston has been bitterly fighting a push by the state to put add more rail access to a new port. -- The city isn't against the use of rail, but plans that call for adding another set of tracks along the city's waterfront.

A few days ago The Post and Courier put together a good overview of the debate.

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