All Myrtle Beach City Council incumbents to seek re-election

Photo Courtesy: City of Myrtle Beach
Pictured (L-R) Dr. Phil Render, Susan Grissom Means and Mike Chestnut during their 2008 swearing-in ceremony

All who sit on the Myrtle Beach City Council are going to seek re-election in the upcoming election season. 

Some of the names mentioned in a recent Myrtle Beach Herald write-up are Mike Chestnut, Dr. Phil Render and Susan Grissom Means . The Herald actually had a talk with Mike Chestnut and Susan Grisson Means. Chestnut touched on several issues including economic growth and his outlook on re-election. Means didn't officially make her decision until this past Tuesday. Head over to The Myrtle Beach Herald to read more about these two incumbents and some of the issues they they will face if re-elected.

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