Bill aims to quell dropout rates by revoking drivers licenses (updated)

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Update April 22:

A House Education subcommittee has unanimously approved the measure and legislators are now trying to fast-track the bill to the Senate for a chance of passing this year.

The Post and Courier has the update.

First reporting:

A new bill proposed by freshman lawmaker Rep. Tom Young and co-sponsored by 45 House members would punish teens who drop out of school or habitually skip their classes by taking their drivers license away until they're 18.

Young is calling the bill "a short-term solution to the state's long-term problem of too many students not graduating."

At least 20 states have passed similar laws, but a House Education panel postponed voting on the bill last week stating that too many questions remain.

Learn more about the future of the proposal in today's edition of The State.

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