City of Myrtle Beach may give Coast RTA a fiscal boost (update: moving forward)

Photo by Tyler Burrus

Update 5/12 (moving forward): Tuesday's City of Myrtle Beach council meeting continued the discussion and have decided to proceed with funding Coast RTA. For more information about how much they intend to give and what it will do for our public transportation, read The Sun News article.

First Report: Everybody complains about the public transportation in Myrtle Beach. But very few are willing to pay for it. 

The Coast Regional Transit Authority has been fighting with budget cuts even before the economy tanked. As a part of their "Let's Roll" campaign, General Manager Myers Rollins put forth a near heroic effort to persuade the citizens of Horry County to just consider dedicating a small fraction of a percent of millage just to keep the existing routes going.

For us to be such a tourism driven economy, it sure seems odd that we don't spend the money required to at least provide public transportation from the Airport. Councilman Wayne Gray agrees. The Sun News has the details about what he proposes to do for our public transit. This isn't the first time Gray has spoken out about giving money to Coast RTA.

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