City Paper: Linda Ketner won't run in 2010

Image by Ketner CampaignImage by 20090609-ketner.jpg Don't expect to see this site again until 2012.

The Charleston City Paper says that Democrat Linda Ketner won't try again to oust Congressman Henry Brown again in 2010.

Go read what the paper has to say about it.

Ketner lost by just some 4 percentage points in hotly contested race in 2008, however she recently got caught up in a dust storm for a so-called outing of several prominent S.C. Republicans.

Update June 10: I wasn't sure of the City Paper's sources, but it looks pretty official as The Palmetto Scoop points out the announcement came via an e-mail.

Oh, and The Post and Courier has added a short write-up -- but there's not much new in it.

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