Supporters preparing to rally for bike-pedestrian crossing over Ashley River

Image by Flickr user sabine01 The westbound bridge crossing the Ashley River is three lanes and supporters sometimes argue that having a four lane bridge in the other direction is a necessity.

Remember the news that a proposed $4.4 million bike-pedestrian route parallel to the Ashley River drawbridge was a no go and that the city would begin to investigate taking one of the four lanes from traffic for use as a bike-pedestrian path?

Well, I've exchanged a few emails with Tom Bradford over at the alternative-connectivity group, Charleston Moves, and it seems they're laying a foundation to support the plan as "critical to the region's competitiveness and economic standing." The section is also a must to have a bike and jogger friendly crossing from the Charleston peninsula to West Ashley and James Island.

The Post and Courier has already thrown their support behind the idea in an editorial published today, and Bradford says his group is in the early stages of forming a coalition of support behind the idea.

One of the biggest upcoming battles in the war for an Ashley River crossing will be what the S.C. Department of Transportation says about the idea of taking a lane of traffic. The department once said no, but that was when a different director was in charge of the group and other options (that's the proposed parallel route) were still on the table. 

So what's happening? Not too much in front of the curtain yet, but Bradford says to expect moves that allow the public to engage and support the move (yes, that includes a forthcoming Facebook page.)

For now, consider this you're warning shot and stay connected by following Charleston moves on their blog and Facebook page. Oh, and there's our bike topic page.

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